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 The Conscious site for conscious People but all are welcome to engage in the discussion of the mysteries of the Human Experience.  We are all on a journey to find our own truths, Merkabah Academy offers insight and answers to questions that have long been unanswered and raises new questions that many have never thought to contemplate.  Knowledge is more than power it’s the Key to unlocking the Subconscious mind and becoming one with your truth!!      


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Personal Economics

How to build Generational wealth and Success by changing the programmed mindset of school, work, death!  There are many ways to grow economically to become a great and accomplished Entrepreneur!  


World History

Understanding the history of the world is the most important part in understanding yourself!  To know who you are you must first understand why you are!  Why you are here and the truth lies in the Past with our Ancient Ancestors. 


Consciousness & Spirituality

Here you will first learn that Energy is Real and the result of your conscious reality and Future depends on your application of it!  Words like feelings and Emotions were created to disguise your Energy And your control of it in this world.  


"70 Years is the Average Lifespan and then there is supposed to be Eternity! Your purpose is to prepare for that Eternity but what if your entrance into that eternity depends on how prepared you are? And if you are not then you are sent back to try all over again. The good part is once you understand there will be nothing more peaceful in life than having that knowledge! "
Anthony Merkabah Grant
Merkabah Academy Creator

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