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Merkabah Academy is a social media and educational App & website that aims to bring understanding and unity to people around the world who are interested in learning about global history.  Merkabah Academy was created by Anthony Grant in 2012 to educate those who are looking for answers about our history as a people and answers to the mysteries of the universe, time, space and matter.  Anthony is a Navy veteran who has served his country and traveled the world studying ancient history and ancient religions from many different civilizations.  Anthony also holds various degrees in the science of film, computer science, business and corporate law. 

On this site you will be able to connect with like-minded people from all over the world who are interested in the same studies, this site will allow you to connect socially by adding friends messaging friends and sharing content with friends.  There will also be courses available on this site and app that will allow the users to take classes in various studies as well as watch many of the hundreds of lectures that Merkabah (a.k.a. Anthony Grant) has created for this app and website. There will be many mobile friendly features coming to this app that will make your experience on this app much more enjoyable and useful and we encourage any ideas and recommendations that may help us make this site easier to improve the overall functionality.  

Please note that the site is not 100% complete nor is the app we are launching with the intent of updating and making the app better overtime we appreciate your support and any feedback will be considered.  Please enjoy your time here learn as much as possible and do your part in helping to make our unity easier and peaceful. There has always only been one race the human race we are all one we are all on the same journey of understanding and learning who we are, history is the teacher that can bring us all together but we must understand what has already been taught so that we can reach our goal together thank you!


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Well Traveled

I’ve traveled to Every Country in the Bible, and have done many days and hours of field research to understand as much as possible about our ancient past.

Know Thyself

What we do not know can expand our mind and universe!  

Published Authur

The Self-Inflicted Religious Deception.  Over 600 Pages of over 20 Years of Research!

The World Is Our Home!

Love the World And Everyone in it we are all apart of the Human Family.