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Tech Heads
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  • Group focusing on cybersecurity, programming, smart contracts, IoT, blockchain, and cloud. The future is in tech, so let’s stay abreast of everything. Please NO SPAMMING of constant videos or new talking about stocks, which cryptocurrencies to invest in, etc. This group is dedicated to learning the above topics in a way that can help others grow into another field or career or at the very minimum educate people on the topics so they can help others.
Womens "Newbie" Spiritual Awakening Support Group
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  • Ancient History, Books, Business, Conscious Films, Conscious Music, Conscious Stuff, Economics, Herbs, Jobs, Whatever
  • Hi Everyone, things are getting down to the wire in this dimension and I’m realizing a need for local support groups for people (like myself) who are recently exiting the matrix. This is a group for “newbies” OR people who less than experts, seeking advice from the “seasoned” awakened folks and to find like minded individuals in their locality .
Twice Born
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  • I made this group for the topic of Reincarnation. One of the mysteries puzzling human mind since the origin of mankind is the concept of “reincarnation.” It is derived from Latin and literally means “to take on the flesh again,” It simply means that we leave one life and go into another; it is all for the sole purpose of soul development and spiritual growth… With a touch of moral quality (Karma)
"Memory Palace/ Mnemonic" ViewPoints
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  • Ancient History, Conscious Stuff
  • I’m Ohm & I recently became aware of something called “memory Palaces” and the concept is very exciting to me. A memory palace is a “Location Based Mneomic device”. The creation of memory palaces is a field of study; the use of memory palaces is a practice. The “palace” can be made from a location/object one has visited in real life & can recall all the features of; in one’s mind. The image as it exists in one’s mind is the palace itself. The palace is “furnished” with “Emotional Images”, images that evoke an emotional response. by placing these images at distinct stations within the greater palace, as one journeys through their palace each image greets them in sequence. Setting a standard sequence allows one to “memorize” new information by representing it with images and placing them at the marked stations, upon repeating the mental journey through the standard sequence one may retrieve the stored information from it’s symbolic form. varying the sequence of stops in one’s journey through the palace allows for the simulation of new experiences and the attainment of new insight. inspiring new images that can store new forms of information. there’s a whole bunch of details & a worldview/ontology that goes with the concept. I’ve seen people (Ancestral Productions) explain that the hieroglyphic system is grouped into “memory constellations” and there’s a long Christrian tradition of using biblical memory palaces to internalize certain attributes and transform consciousness. They started doing this right after they took the Holy land etc. Lets talk about this plz. I’m looking at everything differently now Peace
Each One Teach One
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  • SO IT IS SAID the phrase Each One, Teach One is an African proverb that originated in the United States during slavery when Africans were denied education. When someone learned how to read or write, it became their responsibility to teach someone else. The idea is to spread knowledge for the betterment of your community… LIKEWISE we can help each other out with questions we might have concerning conscious liberation. Let’s make this an active group!
Biblical Debunking
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  • Ancient History, Books, History Discussion, Refuting Religion
  • A group made for the sole purpose of debunking the bible and the history surrounding it. We can share debate points and useful information.
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  • Educators who inspire to make a difference in a curriculum that is designed to keep you misguided.
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  • Conscious Stuff
  • Hey everyone! I’m making this group for anyone with knowledge and those seeking knowledge in astrology (inspired by Merkabah’s latest video as of 7/22/2020). Those with knowledge, please share what you know as many of us such as myself have no or limited understanding of it and would like a deeper understanding. Any source of the topic is encouraged – links to books, websites, etc. Debates and comments are also welcome. Thanks to everyone involved in increasing our communities conscious! Peace, Love, and Prosperity to all of you!! -Steve
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  • Economics
  • This group seeks to aggregate Land, Labor and Capital through agriculture and intentional living. This is group is for land owners/ land seekers, skilled workers/ those needing skilled labor, those with and capital/those needing capital. The group is for those motivated to know where their food & water is born and grown. This group is for those seeking to join an intentional communities among like minded people and where independence encouraged. This groups is for RV livers, international travelers, food lovers etc. This groups is an attempt return people to community living styles, increase knowledge of how to purchase land, increase knowledge self by understanding polyculture and how to build a sustainable farm to table practices.
Black Entrepreneurs
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  • This Group is for People who have or are on the verge of opening a Business.