Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I upload Photos?

Yes, it’s possible to upload photos to the timeline and to your profile pages.  Photos uploaded to your profile will be seen on the timeline.  

Can I upload Videos?

NO!  Not at this time can videos be uploaded directly to the site, however, links to videos can be shared.

Can I share video links?

Links from YouTube and sites like Vimeo that offer URL codes to videos can be copied and pasted on the timeline and profile pages.  All inappropriate videos will be taken down and the user will be blocked.  

What to do if my photos won't upload?

If you are having an issue with uploading your profile picture or background please make sure that the file size is under 5MB and if the issue persists please send us a support Email. 

How do I access the conscious content section?

There are free videos that are also on YouTube in this section.  The other content is available only to Lifetime members.

How do I Purchase Content and Membership?

Click the shop link for access to digital content outside of this app and site.  After you make your purchase you will receive a link from Payloadz to download your content.  Lifetime Membership will upgrade your profile and verify your account, which will give you full access to the site.